Hello and Welcome,

As a Location Scout and Manager. I find locations used in movies, television, and commercials as well as print advertising. I have been doing locations full time for over 25 years. I am based in the NW, but have scouted all over the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii as well as Canada, and Mexico.

Once the client has selected a location, I manage the project and set up everything needed to film. That may mean getting permits from city and state agencies, hiring police and traffic control, setting up parking areas for the crew and renting honey buckets. Every job is a little different.
The Locations Link will give you a cross section of locations in my files. I will be updating locations on a regular basis.
For a more comprehensive list, click on the Locations Web Site Link.
The Production Link will show you a sampling of the projects I have worked on.

If you are interested in listing your home or property for use in film, send me an email with a few photos.

The Photography Link will show you work I do for me. It is a cross section of what is in my files for sale as stock. I am working on putting up the full size photos.
At this point, all the photography on the site is low res. If there is something you like, contact me.