List your Property


If you would like to have your property or business  used in Print Advertising, TV Commercials, TV Shows or Movies, send me a Photo or 2 or 3 along with your contact info.  Name, Address, Phone.  As soon as I can I will contact you to stop by. 

Everything I work on has an on site manger, in most cases it’s me.  All projects are fully insured and we pay to use your property, and it could be *tax free.

As for what we a looking for:  Everything, if you’ve seen it in magazines on TV or in the Movies it was more thin likely found by a location scout. 

Show me what you have, I will show it to the world of production. 

We are always interested in Large Properties with homes, private roads, 2-track, fields, lakes, ponds, streams.

Send the Photos and Contact info to: [email protected]


              *  Please consult your tax advisor as individual tax situations may vary.