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Created 26-Feb-15
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Open to the project, needs more info.. Mike re-scouted this on the 25th
Earls Barber Shop-0405Earls Barber Shop-0406Earls Barber Shop-0407Earls Barber Shop-0408Earls Barber Shop-0409Earls Barber Shop-0410Earls Barber Shop-0411Earls Barber Shop-0412Earls Barber Shop-0413Earls Barber Shop-0414Earls Barber Shop-0415Earls Barber Shop-0416Earls Barber Shop-0417Earls Barber Shop-0418Earls Barber Shop-0419Earls Barber Shop-0420Earls Barber Shop-0421Earls Barber Shop-0422Earls Barber Shop-0423Earls Barber Shop-0424

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