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Created 13-Sep-14
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This is as close as I can get to the end of the runway as I can get in Long term Parking Red Lot with clearance I might get a little closer but the plans are very high at this end
East End N Runway-4985East End N Runway-4986East End N Runway-4987East End N Runway-4988East End N Runway-4989East End N Runway-4990East End N Runway-4991East End N Runway-4992East End N Runway-4993East End N Runway-4995East End N Runway-4996East End N Runway-4994East End N Runway-4998East End N Runway-4997East End N Runway-4999East End N Runway-5000East End N Runway-5002East End N Runway-5001East End N Runway-5003East End N Runway-5004

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