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Created 23-Apr-14
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100 acre gated property with a mile of river shore, ATV trails, Path, Large wooded areas, gardens, an amazing back patio and yard with rock walkways and stairs. There is a large pond with 3 waterfalls on the driveway as you come to the house, a 2nd large pond at the end of a mile of paved driveway. Green house, large shop, lots of parking with multiple RV hookups, one on the river. The house is a beautiful newer traditional with large rooms and lots of windows. Modern kitchen and great room, large master suite, large entry with French doors.
Brians Rd to the Gate-0292Brians Rd to the Gate-0293Brians Rd to the Gate-0294Brians Rd to the Gate-0295Brians Rd to the Gate-0296Brians Rd to the Gate-0297Brians Rd to the Gate-0299Brians Rd to the Gate-0298Brians Rd to the Gate-0300Brians Rd to the Gate-0301Brians Rd to the Gate-0302Brians Rd to the Gate-0303Brians Rd to the Gate-0304Brians Rd to the Gate-0305Brians Rd to the Gate-0306Brians Road-9798Brians Road-9799Brians Upper Drive-0283Brians Upper Drive-0284Brians Upper Drive-0285

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